Rhododendron honey

Mad honey or Miel fou or Pontic honey is one of the most exotic honey varieties produced by honeybees from the nectar of Rhododendron plant species. There are only few countries where Miel fou is produced.

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RHODODENDRON HONEY (Georgia, Adjara region)


The Mad honey, also knows as Miel fou or Pontic honey is one of the most exotic honey varieties produced by honeybees from the nectar of Rhododendron plant species. There are only few countries where Miel fou is produced and is available for sale to online customers.

The Caucasus is one of the oldest known place where Miel fou was used for thousands of years. Georgia is situated on the southern slopes of the Caucasian mountain range. Georgian flora is extremely diverse and rich. It is very interesting from the ecological point of view too. Located between the forests of northern Eurasia and the tropical deserts of Iraq and Iran, and incorporating Europe 's highest mountains and a subtropical coastline, it has a high level of biodiversity. Conservation International recently designated Georgia as one of its 25 global "biodiversity hotspots" because of the area's exceptional number of endemic species (those found nowhere else). Endemic species comprise about 9% of Georgia 's flora, a surprisingly high proportion for so small country. The Caucasus district lies in the north at 2,000m and higher, with a severe climate and annual precipitation over a meter. It harbours some of the most diverse and distinctive temperate coniferous and deciduous forests in Eurasia, ranging with altitude from sub-alpine beech woods, dark coniferous forests and crook-stem woods to sub-alpine, alpine and subnival plant communities and, above these, bare nival landscapes. Georgian honey is believed to be one of the most promising agricultural export products.

Mad honey has ancient history dating back in time of the Delphi Oracle, 8th century BCE. It was mentioned in Homeric Hymn to Hermes, where “bee oracles” could only prophesize after ingesting meli chloron. In 4th century BCE Xenophon also mentions mad honey in his account of the Retreat of ten thousands, a military campaign in Colchis (ancient Georgian kingdom) on the Eastern coast of the Black Sea. In 67 BCE Roman general Pompey’s army was attacked by Mithridates VI, king of Pontus after poisoning by mad honey. From the 16th century mad honey was exported to Europe and was also used to create different beverages with greater effect than alcohol alone.

RHODODENDRON HONEY Geographical Environment. One of the crucial factors is the origin of a product. There are specific regions and spots around the world with the exceptional floral species and climate conditions. The flowers there are endemic and rare that generates different vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants in honey. Antibacterial and Health Benefits. The second and one of the most important aspects are the health benefits. As this type of honey is unprocessed and collected from the special flora, the content rate of the antioxidants and antibacterial properties is the highest that kills certain bacterial microorganisms in a human body; therefore, many customers are buying the honey specifically for disease treatment purposes. Quantity. Third factor is the volume of the special honey produced. In this regard, the Miel Fou honey is one of the most limited in the world, as its harvest is about 1500-2000 kg per year. Honey Bee Species. The fourth factor is the bee species producing the honey. The honey bees’ characteristics vary in terms of temperament, disease resistance and productivity that influence the honey. Georgian Miel Fou is produces by aborigine honeybee species Apis mellifera Caucasia, known as Georgian Golden Bee. Arduous Harvesting. The fifth factor are the challenges related to the harvesting of the honey: some types of honey, such as Miel Fou makes harvesting extreme. The obstacles of honey harvesting can be one of the crucial factors for setting the value of the product.

Medical properties of Rhododendron honey are known from ancient times. In modern medicine there are groups of scientists and doctors who use it in the treatment of certain diseases, as a supplementary diet. There are several most important healing properties of Rhododendron honey:

  • 1. Acute or chronic hypertension, both peripheral and central origin.
  • 2. Diabetes mellitus and any disorders associated with an imbalance of lipid-fat metabolism in the human body.
  • 3. Violation of the rheology of blood circulation, vascular stenosis and a decrease in brain perfusion.
  • 4. Dysfunction of the parenchymal glandular organs, prostatic hyperplasia or chronic inflammation.
  • 5. Possess strong antiviral and antibacterial effect.
  • 6. Promotes fat burning and also the splitting of already formed atherosclerotic blood vessel plaques.
  • 7. Useful for certain mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia and in some initial stages of epilepsy.
  • 8. Possesses cytostatic effect, reducing the degree of proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells and, at certain stages, stops dedifferential reproduction and dissection from healthy tissue.
  • 9. Stimulates and improves the adaptive properties of the body, exerting a sedative effect on the central nervous system.
  • 10. Promotes weight loss through stimulation of insulin production and membrane depolarization of adipocyte structure.
  • 11. Is one of the strongest antioxidants, contributing, along with the inactivation of the free radicals in the human body, to the binding and elimination of the group of heavy metals and radiant residues.
  • 12. Useful for erectile dysfunction. Increases potency.

Our company is producer as well as direct reseller of Miel Fou. Premium quality natural honey & bee products harvested in the highland regions of Caucasus mountain range have advanced health properties. Honey is harvested in mountainous regions of Georgia in our apiaries by Apis mellifera Caucasica honeybee species.

Honey from our online store is delivered by express post.

It is not recommended to exceed 3 tablespoon of RHODODENDRON HONEY in any 24-hour period.
RHODODENDRON HONEY should not be taken by anyone under the age of 18.
Under no circumstances should this honey be given to children!

RHODODENDRON HONEY (Rhododendron Ponticum, Georgia, Adjara)

RHODODENDRON HONEY (Rhododendron Ponticum, Georgia, Adjara)